We can’t deny it


We can discuss about the consequences of a changing climate,  

but we can’t deny it. 

A changing climate is nothing new to planet earth, but the fact is; we as humans made it worse, it's not a normal fluctuation in the millions of years anymore, it's a fast incoming reality that we can't avoid and is threatening human rights around the world


The impact of pollution, deforestation is enormous, a pandemic like Covid19 is directly linked to the way we live. 

Plagues of insects will be more common by loss of biodiversity.


We are all responsible by our way of living. 

We are all responsible for the diminishing biodiversity, from filling our gardens with stones, and intensive agriculture like soy production in Brazil which is contributing to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, palm oil plantations on Borneo resulting in the threat of the orang-utan, intensive agriculture in The Netherlands with a direct impact on biodiversity. 

We are all responsible for the plastic soup in our oceans, for all the waste in nature, for the microplastics that really found everywhere on this planet now.

We are all responsible for the outbreak of a pandemic like Covid19 through our intensive livestock farming, and the reduction of natural habitats. 

There is an urgent need for change in policies that regulate not only the protection of the landscapes we love, but also the places where we live. Climate change / pollution has consequences for all those places, biodiversity is under pressure with all its consequences. 

Are we willing to do our best in environmental protection and making our environment more resistant,

or do we let it go completely and only focus on combatting the consequences when it is actually too late?

Lets work together to a sustainable future and work with planet earth instead of destroying our home? 

We must be aware of our influence on the earth and the consequences, our responsibility for the future.

Where also human rights are under pressure, we can build it back better, together towards a symbiotic society.

The changing climate, environmental issues like pollution disproportionately affects the world’s most disadvantaged people – those who are the poorest are the most exposed and have the least resources to withstand climate shocks and stresses such as extreme weather events. 
Children are the least responsible, yet they will bear the greatest burden of its impact, the changing climate and degraded environment.

Climate action that is not anchored in a human rights-based approach risks further violating human rights.
A 'sustainable future, a fair climate policy, climate justice its not only what you and I can do, it are the systems, patterns and connection that need change.

A fair climate policy  is not only about the climate, its about human rights, the injustice we have to fight, where it's connected and rooted in (neo)colonialism, racism.

Human rights are continually under pressure, being attacked in all kind of ways.

We can’t stand on the sideline and just watch, we have to speak out.