Landscaping and Advice

It’s about reflection, its about understanding

In landscaping and advise its just like in art, it’s not only what do you get from my work as a viewer? but what do we create together.

From the base of my study in landscaping making the connection with art and our environment I try to 

Restore our connection with nature, where we can recharge in a green in a sustainable environment.
Biodiversity is leading, to create an environment where we live in connection, in collaboration in symbioses with insects, animals in our common environment.

Urban landscaping is all about social encounters, dynamics between residents and nature.

Fulfilling an important link in the ecological system, an interplay between nature and our daily human life of work, play, learning, our social life and moments of peace.

How I work:

It all starts with a conversation, 

Biodiversity, climate adaptation, awareness of the history of the location, my guidelines in urban landscaping and advice.
I always start with a determination of the surrounding landscape to learn and understand. Learning about the history, understanding the scale, understanding our relation to the surrounding landscape.This is the starting point where I work from, the side specific approach.

I give advice on issues related to biodiversity and climate adaptation. 

Supporting the urban ecosystem, Investing in nature in climate adaptation and supporting biodiversity in a grow driven world is also a wise move from an economic point of view. 

Investing in nature and biodiversity is an important part of the circular economy, to a more sustainable and symbiotic society