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art is about reflection and our perception of time and space what is framed by our thoughts. 

Art is a way to stimulate self-reflection, to stimulate our perspective of time and space where self reflection is always in reflection to another, to the world around. Art, activism, stories reflect on us and the other way around.

Thats why it is not only what do you get from my work as a viewer? but what do we create together.

We must look at our blind spots, the power structures, the patriarchal structures in our society.

The process of creating starts with imagination, the flexibility of mind, with research, with reflecting on your self and the world around.
Art is in a way always a kind of autobiographic where you put something in from yourself, your memories, your reflection on time and how you experience it.


A prescription to understand, to take you with me in my mind, my thoughts and prayers.

You can only understand, when knowing what lies behind.

52°48'32.1"N 6°55'43.3"E 

52°48'32.1"N 6°55'43.3"E
Same but different, 


Eleven days, 3068 pages.

There’s an elephant in the room (the lack of sense of necessity) 

Amare* The Hague, 7-17 November 2022.

An eleven day art intervention / performance during COP27 (Conference of the Parties) 

COP27 is the 27th annual UN meeting on climate. COP27 is taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt.

Eleven days 10 hours a day between November 7 and November 17 - 2022 changing the full 3086 pages of the IPCC climate reports into confetti by hand.
The art performance / intervention invited the viewer into the work to turn the report into confetti together knowing the importance of the report where at the same time in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt the COP27 started.

(The Guardian described it as an blistering performance.)

*(Amare is the House of, NDT, Nederlands Dans Theater that is to offer unique experiences and perspectives in dance that engage conversation and promote diversity. NDT is a leading contemporary dance company dedicated to creation, research, and talent development.

The House of the Royal Conservatoire A world in which art plays a prominent role is a better world. The University’s ambition is to help create such a world.

The House of the Residentie Orkest, their music inspires, initiates dialogue, brings wonder, tells history and stimulates reflection on current events.  With our music we play an important role in reaching and connecting all residents and visitors of The Hague.)


Spring 2022.

Blossom, the spring confetti, drifting like snow through the streets. The sense of joy, spring dispelling the gray skies where this winter seemed like an everlasting autumn.

The winters are getting milder, the summers with more extremes, drought, floodings, wildfires. 

There is a party on the corner of the street, I remember the fuss in February about whether carnival could continue because of the pandemic (Covid19), if there were no more important things at stake.

My thoughts melted my sense of joy, the new IPCC reports made a fresh new memory showing the lack of sense of necessity. 

There’s an elephant in the room, 

(printed summaries of the Kyoto protocol 1997, the Paris climate agreement 2015 and the IPCC sixth assessment report of 2022)

A triptych, Kyoto, Paris, IPCC

3 works 53x71 cm
Printed and punched colored paper on white paper.

2022 Ctrl+Alt+Del

A soft reboot

Collecting the ingredients, finding new perspectives

More works will be updated soon or later

Where it all started 2012 - 2013


Where it all started in 2012, 110m2, Emmen the Netherlands.


Fragmented society 2 

In the end of 2012 the organisation of the Elephant parade in Trier Germany contacted me to be part of this outdoor exhibition and auction in Trier Germany in 2013 to raise awareness for need of elephant welfare and conservation, 

For this I made this work based on Fragmented society 1.

The orange shoaling fishes on the elephant are representing the people in our society who are very well connected trough social media by facebook, twitter, instagram, but at the same time more divided than ever and alone in our fragmented society.